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About Us

Why Voucher King

Because of the risk and potential consequences of these industries, our escrow services are critical in providing both parties safe and effective transactions. Voucher King is offering escrow vouchers for online sales in Entertainment, Gaming and Cryptocurrencies industries.

Our business model works like every other escrow model. Money from the buyer is held in an account until the transaction is complete. Once the buyer agrees to the transaction the money is released to the seller from the account. Our company is managing the escrow accounts and perform a third-party service.


  • Provides protection during a transaction
  • Can allow any payment amount available
  • Escrow is beneficial for both the buyer and seller when high-ticket items are involved.

Choose from a range of partners

Voucher King covers a range of partnering websites, with a focus on giving you options. Our vouchers can be redeemed online, provide flexibility and ease of redemption.

Powerful Options

Voucher King can provide security for high-ticket transactions.
Do not be afraid to be fooled or scammed.
You can be always certain that you get what you paid for. No more fear of potential scammers. We partner up only with verified service providers that pass our due diligence and pass all the onboarding requirements.

Fully Responsive

Our responsiveness is based on our business scheme, which is designed to direct you to our partners’ websites after you purchase a voucher, where you can redeem according to their terms and conditions. In addition, our customer service department ensures that you get the most out of your voucher purchasing experience.


Through our Escrow vouchers you know have security of so called proof of service. Our system is through API integration connected with partners web pages and we release funds for services that you paid after we receive confirmation that your client account was top up for voucher amount and funds are available to be spend for services you want.